New Premises

HMS has just signed a lease on a factory in Helensburgh. Our lease, on 199a Parkes St Helensburgh starts on the 11th February, 2019. Over the next few weeks we will be cleaning, painting and upgrading the electricals in preparation of our move there.

This will be a dedicated facility with separate wood working and metal working rooms. As this will be a dedicated facility we will review our hours of operation and if there is interest we may operate on more than the current Monday and Tuesday.

Festival of Flight

For the first time in years the Festival of Flight had good weather. Unfortunately the flyby was cancelled. Despite this the Men's Shed had a very successful day selling most of the items we had on display, making over $500 for the day. Thanks to all those that helped on the day. Pauls Spitfire was a major draw card and money earner for us.

Helensburgh Fair

Great day at the Helensburgh Fair

The following article will appear in December's 2508 magazine,

Congratulations to the Helensburgh Lion’s, an organisation that makes things happen,  for a wonderful Country Fair, full of enjoyable entertainment, good food, fun rides, local colour and beautiful craft. And not to be outdone, the ladies of the Country Women’s Association, the largest women’s organisation in Australia since 1922, have hosted a spectacular Festival of Flight.


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